Ib S. Petersen

I am focused on employment and labour related law.

About Ib Petersen

ib-photoI am a graduate of the University of Aarhus in Denmark with a Cand.Scient.Pol. degree. I received an M.Sc. (Econ.) degree at the London School of Economics (L.S.E.) in 1982. I am a graduate of Queen’s University Law School in Ontario with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in 1987. I was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 1988.

In my more than 25 years at the Bar, I have focused my practice on employment related law representing clients, both employers and employees, in:

  • employment law disputes and wrongful dismissal before all levels of courts, in BC and elsewhere;
  • human rights cases before federal and provincial human rights tribunals, in BC and elsewhere; and
  • labour disputes before federal or provincial labour boards and in collective bargaining.

I have also represented clients in criminal and regulatory offences.

In addition to my counsel work, I have served on a variety of administrative boards and tribunals:

  • as an arbitrator in collective agreement disputes between trade unions and employers;
  • as a federal adjudicator/arbitrator under the Canada Labour Code since 1997;
  • as a member of the B.C. Employment Standards Tribunal between 1997 and 2004 (bcest.bc.ca);
  • as vice-chair of the British Columbia Mediation and Arbitration Board, deciding disputes between landowners and oil and gas companies (em.gov.bc.ca); and
  • as an arbitrator under the federal National Energy Board Act (nrcan.gr.ca).

IMG_0345Since 1993, I have been the editor of the annual British Columbia Labour and Employment Law Statutes (Carswell). Between 1991 and 2003, I was the editor of the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (Western) Vols. 11C and 11D, covering public and private sector labour and employment law in the federal jurisdiction and the four western provinces (Carswell).

I understand the importance of personal, timely, practical and cost effective legal service to my clients. I have the flexibility to provide services based on a variety of fee arrangements, including percentage based fee agreements.