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Relevant information about Human Rights issues.

Dismissal of Provincial Human Rights Complaint – Federal Jurisdiction

The Complainant must take her human rights issues to the Canadian Human Rights Commission under the Canadian Human Rights Act. The Complainant may wish to provide the Commission with a copy of this decision in support of her assertion that she has been trying for some time to advance her human rights complaint against the Respondents.

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Trinity Western v. Law Society – TWO NIL – Religion and Human Rights

It was argued that the approval by the Law Society would constitute an “approval” of TWU’s religious principles. This might be “hurtful” to the LGBTQ community. The Court noted that “there is no Charter or other legal right to be free from views that offend and contradict an individual’s strongly held beliefs, absent the kind of “hate speech” described in Whatcott that could incite harm against others (see paras. 82, 89-90 and 111). Disagreement and discomfort with the views of others is unavoidable in a free and democratic society.”

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Gay Iranian Refugee Claims he was Beaten and Raped After Being Outed in CBC Doc – Canadaland reports (

Farzam Dadashzadeh filed a lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court on August 15, and his notice of civil claim describes the alleged aftermath of the film going viral in Iran after its original airing on CBC’s Sunday Night on Feb. 18, 2007. Dadashzadeh claims he was studying English and working as a hairstylist in Tehran at the time of filming, hoping to one day open an English-language school in the city. Other than an aunt living outside the Islamic republic, nobody in his family knew of his sexual orientation, according to the lawsuit.

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There can be no catalogue laid down as to what is reasonable notice in particular classes of cases. The reasonableness of the notice must be decided with reference to each particular case, having regard to the character of the employment, the length of service of the servant, the age of the servant and the availability of similar employment, having regard to the experience, training and qualifications of the servant. (Bardal v. Globe & Mail Ltd. (1960), 24 D.L.R. (2d) 140 (Ont. H.C.))